Posted by: Andy | May 27, 2009

The Novelty of a Turkish Novel

In November of 2008, I wrote my first novel entitled Addiction’s Weight Grace’s Alleviation.  After spending the previous 6 1/2 years at a university (four as a student and the remainder on staff) it only made sense for the setting of the novel to be at a university with characters who were struggling freshmen, a demographic I observed and advised with some frequency.  The novel has yet to receive a solid edit, therefore I have not yet submitted it to any publishing companies, but the heart of the book is there and hopefully it will find its way into print soon.

As Stephanie and I embark on a new journey, I’m sure my writing style will also go through quite a few changes.  My backdrop will no longer be troubled students looking for a way to amend their mistakes.  In just a few short months, my backdrop will be vastly different.  It will be a cafe with potent Turkish coffee.  It will be a school with (hopefully) eager students of perhaps any age seeking to learn English perhaps for the first time, perhaps simply to hone their skills to further their education.  It will be a country filled with people that I will have trouble communicating with.  It will be unfamiliar territory and I will be a minority in truly every sense of the word.  I’m eager to see what my brain will come up with for characters and plot lines.  I can see there being a lot of fish out of water type scenarios.  I can see characters gaining a new understand of what it feels like to not fit in.  I can see immensely unlikely friendships blossom and grow into an epic taste of what it means to have compassion.  I can see mistakes being made and reconciliation being very difficult.  I can see fear, excitement, anxiety, joy, sorrow, pain, hope and perseverance.

Turkey’s culture is also extremely unique (which I’m sure I’ll discover more intensely that I’m currently imagining).  The food, language, geography, and location make it one of the most intriguing places in the world to me and I’m sure to others.

Turkey also provides some of the most interesting terrain for ancient landmarks in the entire world.  From Troy and Constantinople (yes now Istanbul also formerly known as Byzantium) to Mount Ararat to the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black seas to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to a host of other cities you may recognize.  The possibilities of plot lines are uncountable.  The one that I’m continually drawn to is the discovery of ancient artifacts.  I’m not sure what exactly yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty of mystery and history in whatever I produce.

I’m hoping to write said novel in November of 2009 and will hopefully give you some snippets as it moves along, but that’s a ways away now isn’t it?




    • Or should it be InterNANOWRIMO.

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