Posted by: Andy | June 12, 2009

More TEFL Training

Stephanie and I were able to take a few days off to attend a short training session for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I cannot tell you how helpful it was.  We were both certified for some work we’d done online, but to actually sit in a classroom with real people who have taught EFL in foreign countries and with other people our age about to embark on similar journeys was so much more valuable.  Having personal, face to face guidance has calmed my heart tremendously.  The anxiety of leaving the only country I’ve ever known as home is rather high.  There is still some anxiety present, but the fear of being a lousy teaching is waning considerably.  I feel like I know what I’m doing a lot more than I did a week ago.

One opportunity we had was to help with the launching class of teaching English to a hispanic community.  I got to work with an older woman who was very eager to learn and I spent two hours teaching her as many words as I could think of.  I wrote them on a notecard and show her what they were or (if I knew it) give her the Spanish equivalent and she’d write the Spanish down on the back.  I think she left with 75 cards and she knew every word.  I hope the students I’ll encounter in Turkey will be as eager to learn as she was.

There is still a lot that needs to happen with visas and other odds and ends before we can leave, but more TEFL training has certainly made things feel more real.


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