Posted by: Stephanie | July 1, 2009

The Food File: Black Sea Restaurant

I plan to do a reoccurring food series while we’re in Turkey, but why wait? There is delicious Turkish cuisine to be had right here in the Twin Cities.

The Black Sea Restaurant is a charming, tiny restaurant in St. Paul. Last night, we took our fellow Turkey teachers there for dinner. The couple that owns and runs the joint moved from Akçaabat, Turkey (which, as you may expect, is right on the Black Sea). When we said we are moving to Ankara, Ali tried to convince us into moving to a quieter part of the country. Ankara just has too many people for his liking.

I ordered the Iskender Kebab because the description intrigued me: lamb and beef döner meat with a hot sauce/yogurt mixture on top of pita. Turkish people like to put yogurt in foods that I am not accustomed to yet, but I can say the meal was delicious. I finished off the meal with Kahve, or Turkish coffee. I enjoyed the Turkish coffee, which is notoriously strong. I’m a coffee lover, so I expect to drink plenty (Turkey is big on tea as well) while I’m there but I may need to acclimate my body slowly.

Iskender Kebab from Black Sea Restaurant

Iskender Kebab

Twin Cities folks, you should make a point of checking it out. I’m sure you could convince me to go again.



  1. You can see my meal on the left. It was also delicious.

  2. Can we go for lunch the day after your bon voyage?? I’d love to give it a whirl 🙂 Also, I was curious about how you reacted to the coffee. I seemed to be just reading comments from people who probably didn’t like coffee that much to begin with. Would I like it?

    • Yes to lunch!

      The coffee was strong and much better than my first run-in with Turkish coffee. However, the sludge at the bottom will take some getting used to. Also, the tea and the Turkish lemonade were delicious as well. (I don’t know what made the lemonade Turkish)

  3. I really need to go check this place out. I sent some of my friends over who were visiting here from Turkey and they did not give it the best reviews but I think I should still give it a try for myself.

    I enjoy cooking so the food and the local markets are some of the things I look forward to the most when I arrive in Turkey.

  4. We should totally go sometime before you leave. Maybe a Pequot date?

  5. […] ayran which weirds me out too much to try yet. Pre-packaged please! (For those in the Cities, The Black Sea serves […]

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