Posted by: Andy | July 31, 2009

Moving Forward

A lot has been happening in the month of July as we prepare to leave for Turkey.  It seems like we are riding a veritable roller coaster in the fog as we’re never quite certain if the coaster is going to speed up, slow down, stop completely or go into a free fall, but I suppose that’s part of international travel. 

That being said, the prospect of leaving country rather soon (within the month more than likely) is becoming more realistic every day.  Today Stephanie and I moved out of our apartment completely.  With the help of family and friends, we moved that vast majority of things out last Saturday and put it into a storage unit.  We left ourselves with a few dishes, cleaning supplies, towels toothbrushes and an air matress.  This morning we moved out completely, leaving behind the only place we have ever lived together as a married couple. 

Empty Apartment!

Empty Apartment!

It was a bittersweet experience as we left behind many good memories from our first 15-months of marriage in that apartment, yet at the same time, the reality that we will only be in the country for another 30-days or so simply hits you in the face that these are the suitcases we’ll be getting off the plane with in Turkey, these are the shoes I’ll be wearing on the plane.

It’s difficult not to look at things and say, this is the last time I’ll be doing this for two years.  I’ve come across this multiple times already, wondering if I’m going to eat Chipotle or Noodles and Company any time soon, pondering the possibility of there being decent golf courses in the Ankara area and if said hypothetical courses would rent out left-handed clubs.

This becomes much more emotional when it comes to people.  Is this the last time I’ll see her/him?

It’s a strange thing, but I believe these things have made me appreciate life in America even more, the friends, the family, the strangers, the places, the food and the familiar scenery.  Life has been good here and I’m sure it will remain so when we’re in Turkey. 

We have not bought plane tickets yet, but we will inform you all when we do and have a solid leave date.



  1. oh andy, i’m going to miss you and stephanie quite a lot. but we’ll be around when you get back and we’ll be saving you seats at sweeny’s the whole time. 🙂 love you both much and deep.

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