Posted by: Stephanie | August 12, 2009

Try This, Not That.

Turkish baths go back centuries, far into the Ottoman Empire. They are a sauna of sorts and very popular for relaxing.  One doesn’t necessarily have to leave the United States to visit a Turkish bath, they can be found in NYC. While hesitant about the public nature of a such a place, I’m quite excited to discover a working Turkish bath to try.

One spa treatment, however, that I will not be indulging in is a Fish Pedicure. I stumbled across this article today and was interested when the article mentioned Turkey and disinterested when it involved sticking my feet into a tub of water for tiny fish to feast on my dead skin. Yelch.



  1. Yeah, I’ve heard of that before! Gross, but kinda cool at the same time. Can you imagine being the FISH???

    –Alison Kay

    • I cannot imagine that – your entire life is to eat dead skin. Ew.

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