Posted by: Stephanie | September 2, 2009

Arrival in Turkey

Wow. We live in another country.

The flights, getting visas and making connections were fairly easy with one exception. We each were carrying Nalgene-like water bottles – full – and had to chug them in the Munich airport to get through security again.

We went grocery shopping today for food for our apartment – it is probably close to a Target except in Turkish and with no pasta sauce.  Also, the Turks don’t refrigerate their milk. You can, but they don’t. I will.

I haven’t heard any drums at 2am yet (they don’t in this neighborhood where we’re staying in temporarily) but I have heard the call of the muzzein at different parts of the day. We don’t seem to live too close to a mosque so it’s not loud.

Speaking of our apartment, we have two separate balconies on it. One is right outside the kitchen and is smaller. There is an outdoor chimney/grill thing. The other balcony wraps around the side of the building and has a decent view of Ankara. I’ll update with pictures once we settle more into the apartment.

The street of our apartment, looking towards the rest of Ankara.

The street of our apartment, looking towards the rest of Ankara.

Saturday we will travel to the school we’ll be teaching at to meet with the director in person and presumably make plans for observations before we actually start teaching.

I have a bit of a cold which when combined with jetlag (and probably higher altitude) is making me more lethargic than I would like. I hope that goes away soon.

The biggest thing is – we made it! There are a few photos on the Flickr site and more will be coming.



  1. So exciting!! The pictures on Flickr look great- I’m so happy you’re safe! The place and the views look absolutely gorgeous…you’ve got such an adventure ahead of you! Love you tons, and can’t wait to hear from you again!!

  2. The pictures of Ankara look cool. I can’t wait to see more. I am very curious about the apartment 🙂

    Ok so when I travel to other countries each country seems to have its own smell. Have you noticed the particular smell of Ankara?

  3. […] Life here is coming to a close and it is doing a very good job of reminding me of how life began here, how much things have changed since our arrival and how much we have changed since our arrival. […]

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