Posted by: Andy | September 9, 2009

First Class

Our first week in Ankara has gone by and it has been exhausting but good.  It is strange but the interactions we have on a day-to-day basis with new things can be incredibly draining.  Ordering food at a restaurant, for example, can be an energy-draining task even though it only takes a minute.

We’ve spent a lot of time at the school the past few days observing different teachers and familiarizing ourselves with the curriculum.  I actually got to teach my first class today which went quite well.  It was mostly introducing new vocabulary related to love, like, dislike and hate – so words and phrases like fond of, adore, despise, loathe, etc.

There is only one other American teacher besides Stephanie and me and he is currently on vacation (or as the English would say “on holiday”) so we haven’t met him yet.  The other teachers are mostly from the United Kingdom, a couple from Scotland and many from England.  There is one teacher from Australia who is also rather new and one from New Zealand.

One comment from a student today was that he couldn’t understand American English when he watched American movies, but he could understand me without any problems, so that was quite encouraging.  When you teach, you do have to talk a bit slower than you would in a typical conversation with a native speaker.

Stephanie and I each have four classes to teach this weekend so we’ll see how those go.  The classes we’re teaching now are extra lessons which are free to all students and they’re only an hour long.  The other classes, which are more structured, are much longer, sometimes four hour sessions.  We will both be starting on those in October.

It’s hard to believe this is only our ninth day here.  It seems like a lifetime ago that we were saying goodbye to friends and family.

We have the next couple days off so we hope to do some more exploring and hopefully have more pictures for you to view.  I’ve had many requests for pictures of the apartment and we hope to have those available soon as well.



  1. So there were no Red Ferraris mentioned throughout the course of the lesson? Bummer…

  2. Congrats on the first lesson going well! It seems so soon, but good work!

  3. Thinking about you!!! Best wishes!

  4. […] seem to be a number of those types of experiences that bookend our time in Turkey.  My first extra lesson and my last extra lesson were in the same room.  My first real class and my last real class were […]

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