Posted by: Stephanie | October 2, 2009

Turkish hospitality

If there is one thing I heard about multiple times before arriving in Turkey, it was the famed Turkish hospitality. People here love to treat you well. As yabanci, or foreigners, this is even more true. I wanted to relate a short story about it.

On Tuesday morning, Andy and I bused down to Tunalı Caddesi and were waiting for our friends to meet us. We sat on a bench at 745 am and prepared to wait. We were sitting about 10 feet from a small taxi stand crowded with taxi drivers waiting for work. We had been sitting less than 5 minutes when one of the drivers came out and said “You drink tea?”

I was surprised with his English but still responded, “Evet.” (‘yes’ in Turkish)

Sure enough, he brought out a small plastic table and two cups of tea for us. It was wonderful because it was a chilly morning and wonderful because they took pity on us poor, cold yabanci.

Andy drinking çay

Andy drinking çay

(I’ll be posting more food stories soon!)


  1. OMG how sweet is that!

  2. He just had a table?

    That is so win!

  3. It was all around win, I agree. 🙂

  4. that’s awesome!!

  5. Sorry to be immature, but it looks like the caption says “Andy drinking gay” and that brightened my day a little.

  6. Awwww that’s incredibly sweet!

  7. The amazing thing is that if someone did this in America, especially in large cities, the most common reaction would be, “What, did you put something in it?” or some other version of, “I don’t know you and I don’t trust you.”

    I wonder how much of our mistrust is actually created by the mistrust of others.

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