Posted by: Stephanie | November 22, 2009

Random Thoughts…

I have random moments of inspiration throughout my day that I wish to blog. I wish my iPhone was still an iPhone so I could blog from there when I think of it. Instead, I take a note and try to post in a timely fashion.

Thought #1 – I sincerely hope none of you ever have to get into a conversation about English grammar. This type of conversation has been happening at an alarming rate in my life recently – and not at school. When we’re with friends, we inevitably start discussing some grammar question. Grammar is Perplexing.

Thought #2 – I VERY sincerely hope you never have dreams about grammar. Ugh.

Thought #3 – I love when people start talking to me in English. Not because I don’t like Turkish but I know that a) they want to practice their English and b) I can communicate with someone!

Thought #4 – Teaching and learning are actually kind of awesome. Teaching and taking pride that the students are learning. Learning and taking pride in learning. Other times, I hate it – it makes my brain hurt.

Thought #5 – Celebrations are always fun.

Out with other students after an exam



  1. Do you know what I love? Gerunds.

  2. i love that you had a grammer dream. that probably makes you infinately cooler than i am. be advised. 😀

    • I’m not so sure that is true. It’s kind of stressful to not sleep well because of your stupid grammar dreams and then wake up to go teach grammar. It’s a weird life. I think we’ve all had them here.

  3. I used to have dreams about lists of Mac OS X files when I worked at Apple doing Software Update package mastering. That was some crazy stuff.

    Honestly, though, I take it as a good sign. I think it means your brain is saturated and learning as much as it can, bringing some things from conscious process to the more instinctive level, and you’re about to see your skill increase noticeably.

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