Posted by: Stephanie | January 2, 2010

What’s in a name?

Name meanings have been important since time immemorial. In the Bible, Isaac (“laughter”) was named such because his 90 year old mother laughed when she was told she’d bear a child.

In America, parents will put a lot of thought in naming a new baby. Family names, meanings and popularity may be considered. A name means something. Andrew means Strong, Stephanie means Crowned One. Why our parents chose these names, I’m not sure.

In Turkey, I’ve encountered more names that share the dictionary meanings than is common in the States. For example, Yağmur is a girl’s name and also means rain. Literally. You could hypothetically hear “Yağmur yağmur seviyor,” which means “Yağmur loves the rain.” Rumor has it that families who have reached the end of their child-bearing desires will name the last child Yeter, which according to the dictionary means “enough.” My favorite is a student I know. Her name is Ezgi, which means “melody, tune, note” in my little Turkish dictionary. She’s an aspiring professional violist.


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