Posted by: Andy | January 20, 2010

A Taste of Home

On Sunday, I received my second opportunity to watch the Minnesota Vikings play on television, only my second opportunity to see Brett Favre live in a purple jersey.  It still doesn’t seem real to me.  The first game I got to watch was the Vikings’ first loss of the season to the Pittsburgh Steelers in which Favre didn’t have the greatest game of the season by any means.

But Sunday night’s venture (yes, night – the game started at 8pm here) was perhaps the best taste of home I’ve had here so far.  My friend Zach made some chicken wings, we bought some beer and chips and simply sat in front of the TV and enjoyed a Vikings’ dominating victory (well, at least I enjoyed it).

It’s difficult to find slices of home here.  It helps having friends and the ability to watch familiar movies and TV shows, but I’ve only watched a grand total of 9 hours of football this entire season.  In America, I watch 9 hours of football nearly every Sunday, so you can see where I’ve been missing such opportunities.

Unfortunately, the next Vikings’ game begins at 1:40am here and I’m not certain it’s even televised.  If the Vikings were to win that game, The Super Bowl starts at about 1:25am Turkey time and I most certainly would find a way to watch that.  Sadly, I doubt that the commercials would be American commercials.  They’ll likely be the same 5 Turkish commercials that are always played during every sporting event.



  1. ’twas a good night…even if we had to watch the Vikings…

  2. When I studied abroad in Italy, I was so disappointed that I’d miss all of the fun Superbowl commercials. However – they are extremely easy to find online! After the game, Google “2010 Superbowl ads” and you’re likely to find one page where they all live. 🙂

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