Posted by: Stephanie | February 5, 2010

Blessings and Strength

The last couple of days have been rough. One of Andy’s uncles, who has been dealing with cancer, had a seizure yesterday and the doctors believe they have found a lesion/tumor on his brain. Stephanie’s grandmother died yesterday.

One of the hardest decisions we faced with whether or not to move to Turkey was dealing with family crises from around the globe. We came to peace with it before we made our decision but it hasn’t really been tested until this week. Yes, we knew we’d miss weddings and babies and simply family and friends. But sucky times mean it’s good to be with family.

I’ve been amazed at other people’s faiths and strength in similar situations so I will model them to remember what is good:

  • We can still talk to family despite being so far away. Skype is free, calling on Skype is cheap. Thank God for this.
  • Our families still gather and can support each other. They know we love them.
  • We have our surrogate family here and that means so much as well.
  • God is good.

Please pray and send good thoughts for our families. Please hug someone you love.


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