Posted by: Stephanie | March 2, 2010

Suprising Things: 6 Months Later

Today marks our being in Turkey for six months.  Andy has a post coming of his Top 10 moments of the first six months so I’ll cover the surprising things I’ve gotten used to.

Ayran: okay, I’m not completely sold on this yet but I’m making an effort. It’s like salty, watered down yogurt -which doesn’t make it sound appetizing at all, but I can drink most of one. Sometimes.

Water and Electricity: No, I haven’t gotten used to these things, more like their occasional absence. Electricity will randomly be cut for our whole building at varying lengths. We’ve never gone too long without it and luckily not during the coldest days but we’ve learned to deal. Same with water – it goes out, we deal.

Teaching: Some days, I really love it. I love getting to know the students and I’m generally sad when a class ends. I never thought I’d be saying that. I’m not a hater, I just didn’t think I’d ever be a teacher.

Friends: We’re so lucky to have “built-in” friends here and I love them dearly. I love the new friends we’ve made – Australian, Turkish, American.

One of my favorite things (I know people will disagree with me) has been learning Turkish. Our class is a hilarious mix of teachers, diplomats, spouses of diplomats and a taekwondo instructor and we’re always laughing and making silly sentences. It’s not always easy, but since I’m living in a country where I use the language, it’s rewarding.

I still miss family and friends soooooo much and y’all should know that.



  1. just so you know… i’m glad i have you in Turkish class to make silly sentences with…

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