Posted by: Andy | March 3, 2010

Things we missed in the first six months

While there were no doubt amazing events that happened here in the first six months of our adventure, there were also amazing events that happened in the states that we missed.  Things we were certainly sad to miss, in no particular order.

I think the count is up to four babies we haven’t seen yet of family and close friends.  That number will rise before we get to come home.

I can’t count the number of friends who have gotten engaged in the past six months.  This is no surprise for a couple our age.  Our friends our going to be getting married soon.

The main wedding we have missed thus far was Stephanie’s sister’s wedding which was most certainly difficult.  We hope to come home this summer and catch one or two weddings while we are at home, but we’ll undoubtedly miss a few more.

Probably the most difficult thing of all to miss was Stephanie’s grandmother’s funeral last month.  While missing the happy things is rough.  We at least know that people are receiving joy from their new children and their new marriages.  Not being able to be there for family at a time of loss, pain and sadness is far worse.  We can only pray that we do not experience missing another funeral.

Missing Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn’t easy.  I’m certainly glad we at least didn’t have to work on those days, but spending time away from family for such holidays simply doesn’t make sense to a person’s brain.  I could hardly believe it was Christmas thanks to the amazing lack of snow we receive here in Ankara.

New Endeavors
One of the reasons I will always love the Twin Cities is because of its richly filled theatre and art environment.  A few of our friends recently started their own theatre company and missing their first show was quite truthfully devastating.  While the founders of the Prospero Theatre Company are closer to Stephanie than me, it was inspiring just to hear one of the founders explain her passion and dream for this endeavor.  I truly wish I could have seen their first show, Eurydice.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it from those who attended.  I truly hope that our summer vacation will coincide nicely with attending their second show, Baby with the Bathwater.

Daily Life
Missing the large events is more noticeable than missing normal daily life occurrences, but over time missing daily things wears on a person.  I miss watching sports with friends, going to movies, and simply being there to stay better up to date on how life is for my friends and family.  We can email, chat online or Skype everyday, but they aren’t the same as a hug. While we’re loving life in another country, these are just some of the things we’ve missed.


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