Posted by: Andy | July 17, 2010

Back to Normal…sort of

We have been back in Ankara for three weeks or so, readjusting back to life in a foreign place. While things seemed essentially normal very quickly, our schedules shifted to working more hours during the week and fewer on weekends.
Also, Ankara summers are hot and Turks tend to believe air conditioning is a bad thing that will make you sick. Bus rides under these conditions are nearly unbearable.
We had a month in the USA to visit family and friends. It was a very busy time as we had lots of people to see and many special occasions to attend. In one month we attended a baptism, an ordination, a wedding and a burial service. I cannot explain how special it was to be at all of those celebrations of life when we had missed so many of those occasions in the previous nine months.
We left filled with joy at the time we were gifted to spend in the US. I think we also spent a good deal of time wondering what we will miss in the months to come.
Upon return we were greeted with more special news from our friends here in Turkey. One couple had their second child a few days ago and another discovered they are about to have their first.
Life continues to move for all people no matter if we are near them or thousands of miles away and indeed it keeps moving for us as well, not with giant news of any sort, but our relations grow with students and neighbors and our skills as teachers continue to grow and be challenged.
One thing that I have come to find is that I don’t exactly know what I consider home anymore. The first home we had as a married couple is not ours. Neither of us has lived with our parents in years and here, well, here continues to feel more comfortable and more like home everyday.
While missing family and friends never ceases, I don’t believe I will be able to not miss this place, its people and culture when I leave it.
It has gained a special place in my heart.



  1. 🙂 Love you guys much. Wherever we all happen to be.

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