Posted by: Stephanie | November 15, 2010

Good Things – Week 2

Tayfun and StephanieMy friend blogged something good every day for a month. Since Thanksgiving is this month, I’m stealing the idea, but posting weekly. Enjoy!

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Nov. 7–We have a soup night and Bible study with friends on Sundays. It’s pretty cozy.

Nov. 8–Working from home this week. I stayed warm with a mug of hot chocolate (mug and hot chocolate were from two of my students), cozy slippers (from two other students) and Andy’s sweatshirt. It reminded me of how loved I really am. (Aww, cheesy!)

Nov. 9–I was invited out with some friends and their Turkish students to a Flamenco dancing and music night at a local pub. Seeing the woman dance was something incredible and the music was lovely.

Nov. 10–Made homemade pizza. Yummmmm.

Nov. 11–We looked at apartments to move into! Some of it was frustrating but I’m super excited to move.

Nov. 12–We went to a baby store! Okay, before you freak out, it was for our friend Andrea. She’s pregnant and we went to look at cribs and baths.

Nov. 13–We went out with students after a long day of teaching. I’ve finally been to 7th Street, a street in Bahçelievler that everyone talks about. From what I saw, it lives up to the hype. Andy kicked butt at playing tavla.



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