Posted by: Stephanie | November 22, 2010

Good Things – Week 3

My friend blogged something good every day for a month. Since Thanksgiving is this month, I’m stealing the idea, but posting weekly. Enjoy!

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 //  Week 5

Nov. 14–Last day of work before Bayram!

Nov. 15–So many good things today. We went to Starbucks and they had Christmas cups, coffee and merch out. AND I got my coffee for free! Yay Christmas! We sat in the sun, drinking our coffee and enjoying a few minutes of relaxation. What is it about vacations that always make the days leading up to them super busy? Oh yeah, we also headed to Fethiye for a few days’ relaxing with these people.

Nov. 16–Fethiye and Turkish breakfast.

Fethiye and Turkish Breakfast

Nov. 17–Kayaköy. Çalış.



Nov. 18–Oludeniz. Friends.


Nov. 19–It’s always nice to have a day to relax after a vacation.

Nov. 20–I got to spend the morning taking photos of my two friends – they wanted some pregnancy shots around Ankara – not the icky, show-the-belly shots. Also, I saw Harry Potter 7.1 on an IMAX screen and didn’t get sick!



  1. Good thing, this post! I’m enjoying the photos. You look like you’re having a very good time!

    • Glad you like the photos! I’m excited to have more travel blogs to read now!

  2. Hallo from another Turkey dweller (from time to time)

    • Hello! I love the tagline of your blog. Andy (the other blogger on here) really wants us to end up in Peru, so your post is good nudge in that direction. 🙂

  3. Would definitely like to see more of the food!

  4. Love the random bits of info in those tiny posts… and love the pictures.

  5. Great photos! Turkish breakfasts are right up my street, I miss those! Gonna break out the olives tomorrow morning 🙂

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