Posted by: Andy | November 23, 2010

Turkish Cooking: Çılbır

Turkey is quite traditional in the sense that the women of the house typically cook and clean.  My students are always rather surprised when I list cooking among the things I had the previous day.  They always come to life, asking “What can you cook?  Turkish food?”  My answer has been a resounding, “no,” for far too long, but no longer!

One of the foods we have come to love here is called mantı.  It is kind of like a ravioli dish with smaller pieces of pasta

Turkish poached egg with yogurt

Our çılbır

and therefore less meat, covered in yogurt, red pepper and mint and it is fantastic.  I’ve seen restaurants who make mantı by hand and it must take hours, so we haven’t adventured down that road quite yet.

But what we made yesterday was quite similar.  Instead of a ravioli type pasta, we made a similar dish with a poached egg as the star, a dish known as Çılbır and it was quite lovely.

It was truly an experiment considering before yesterday, neither of us had ever even poached an egg before, but it was pretty straightforward.

I’m hoping this experience’s success will springboard us into making more Turkish dishes for our culunary and your educational pleasure.

You can find the recipe for çılbır at Almost Turkish.


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  2. This looks pretty amazing. I’ve never seen Çılbır, down here in Adana.

  3. Thanks Stephanie, I actually found those too after seeing the recipe on your blog. I’m definitely going to try it.

    yea, the Blogspot ban is so annoying. Have you tried using hotspot shield from ? I don’t like it that much, but when it’s hooked up, it provides totally anonymous browsing.

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