Posted by: Andy | November 24, 2010

Happy Teachers’ Day

I woke up this morning to a text message from a student I had in my very first class wishing me a happy teachers’ day.  This is something that was never on my radar previously.  In the US, we never really celebrated teachers in such a way as having a day that everybody knew about.  I figured today, November 24 would be the international day for teachers and I was quite mistaken.

World Teachers’ Day is actually October 5 and celebrated by many countries, but most that celebrate such an occasion, including the US and Turkey celebrate it on different days.  India celebrates on September 5, Peru on July 6, Thailand on January 16 and the US celebrates it on the Tuesday of the first week of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Week.  You can view the full list of countries and dates here.

I’ve never bought a gift for any teacher for such an occasion.  I used to give Christmas presents to teachers in elementary school, and of course a Valentine, but a gift just for being a teacher, even a text message, that’s pretty nice.

Students do seem to take it more seriously here.  I have two students in my evening class that may miss class tonight because they have two choir concerts today for Teachers’ Day.

I don’t expect any gifts or choir concerts in my honor, but I do think my Facebook wall will have a number of messages wishing me happy teachers’ day, probably with the wrong grammar.

So for those of you who are teachers, especially those who have taught me, Happy Teachers’ Day from Turkey.


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