Posted by: Stephanie | November 29, 2010

Good Things – Week 4

My friend blogged something good every day for a month. Since Thanksgiving is this month, I’m stealing the idea, but posting weekly. Enjoy!

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 //  Week 5

Nov. 21– Taco night! This is a big deal here because beef is so expensive to buy, so we splurge with friends once in awhile. (I usually make tacos and enchiladas with chicken)

Nov. 22–We made a yummy Turkish dish for lunch.

Nov. 23–I’m struggling to find something good in this day. I’ll go with the persistence of our friend to invite us for dinner tomorrow night.

Nov. 24–We usually eat late, late, late (10:30 or so after our night classes). Tonight wasn’t so different, except some friends invited us over so they could serve us dinner that late. It was special and we’re lucky to have such friends.

Nov. 25–We had a great night of food with friends. We even found an Australian (who owns an Indian restaurant) who cooked the turkey for us.

Nov. 26–We found out where to find missing packages! We didn’t actually retrieve any today but I did stalk a postal worker. That was fun. I’m also a terrible spy.

Nov. 27–We finished watching Buffy season 5. It’s been over a year since we watched season 4, so this was actually something of an accomplishment.

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