Posted by: Stephanie | December 17, 2010

My Life in Quotes

I’ve been meaning to write about the snow we had last weekend. Without internet, I’ve been lacking on writing motivation.  Some other day.

Instead you get quotes! I’ve written these in my Moleskine over the last year or so. I don’t always remember why. Enjoy!

“After Jesus, I like St. Patrick.” – A Turkish student, March 17, 2010.

“When you were coming, we hid the camels.” -Same student as above. This was about us Americans coming to Turkey.

“Dead cows. Trump card.” – Jon B, when we were home. Not even sure what this is about.

Stephanie: “That guy’s shirt is halfway unbuttoned!”
Andrea: “That’s okay, the other guy is gnawing his girlfriend’s neck.”

“You eat my life.” -Turkish idiom (Ömnümü yedin)

“I died when I was born” -another Turkish idiom

“The spirt carries weight with God, religion carries weight with people.” – don’t remember where this comes from.

“Challenging the status quo requires a commitment, both public and private.” -Seth Godin, Tribes

“It’s like she’s taking a cheese grater to my arm.” -Andrea



  1. I do not remember saying that.

    It does distinctly sound like something I would say though.

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