Posted by: Andy | February 27, 2011

Basic information about our classes

Below are listed some basic fasts about our every day lives of teaching.

1. There is no Turkish in our classrooms.
Sure, they try to ask each other things in Turkish and if I ask what a word means they’ll say the Turkish, but I explain nothing in Turkish (nor does any teacher at our school).  Being firm with this rule is easier in some classes than others, mainly due to age.

2. Age
I’ve taught students in general English courses as young as 11 and older than 50.  Mainly, I see high school and university students along with young professionals below the age of 40.

3. Course length
Each course is 48 hours long and there are 11 total courses offered at our school.  That 48 hours may be divided into 12 hours for four weeks, 8 hours for 6 weeks or 6 hours for 8 weeks.  I’ve taught 7 of the 11 courses and Stephanie has taught 5 of the 11.

4. Course times
We teach full days on Saturdays and Sundays, three hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon for both.  We teach either a split shift during the week, four hours in the morning and two and a half at night or just one of the two.

5. Hours
We are generally given at least 22 teaching hours a week and as much as 34.  I prefer towards 22.  We have always had Thursday and Friday off, a fact we are most grateful for.

 6. We don’t typically continue with our classes. 
We change classes with the other teachers whenever that particular course ends.  It has begun to be more frequent that students will ask for us again as their teachers, but the school is rather reluctant to do this for reasons of educational philosophy that I mostly agree with.

Read about the specifics of Beginner, Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Pre-Intermediate 1, Pre-Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2.



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